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Shipping Methods And Fee



Can You Ship To My Country?

We can send to almost every country on earth and have free shipping to our main destinations. We Don't Ship To: China, South Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

Shipping methods

We provide fast, efficient shipment for parts to customers globally. We ship DHL, EMS, E POST. We offer our clients’ regular shipping 5-7 workings days with the following carriers.

(1) DHL

DHL has customs clearance advantages in Europe and the Middle East. If you have ordered batteries or anything that contains batteries, we will use DHL as the carrier. To track your package, please visit http://www.dhl.com/

(2) EMS

EMS is a special postal service for all countries, it enjoys the priority of customs clearance in the national postal, customs, aviation and other sectors, especially for some countries such as Russia, Portugal, Mexico and India that are hard to clear the customs, but a bit slower than other shipping methods, it normally takes 7-15 business days.

(3) E-POST

Customers increasingly expect to view their bills, invoices and statements online. epost is the only digital document service seamlessly integrated with Canada’s major financial institutions, so customers can make payments through their banking website.

How is the Shipping Fee Calculated?

The calculation methods stated below are provided by the logistics companies that work with us. Basically, the freight is determined by the weight and size of the packages, shipping destinations and the shipping methods:

“Actual Weight” and “Size Weight”

Usually most of the logistics such as FedEx, UPS and DHL calculate the freight fee according to both “the actual weight” and “size of the packages”. They will charge the fee based the weight or size depending on which one is more expensive.

For example, suppose there is a package, whose “actual weight” is 0.3 KG, but the “size weight” is 0.4KG, then the freight fee will be charged on 0.4KG. Most of the packages shipped from We have almost the same “actual weight” and "size weight”.

Only under certain circumstances the size weight will outweigh the actual weight (usually when the product is very heavy and big). The freight fee under such circumstances is usually higher than in normal situations.

How to Estimate the Shipping Fee?

On the shopping cart page you can make an estimate of the shipping fee.

Please note that sometimes shipping to remote destinations requires additional time and fees due to international logistic policies. This additional delivery fee is required by logistic companies and must be borne by the recipient. Such as, VAT or other taxes, customs duties or fees levied by your local customs.

We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs and taxation policies vary widely from country to another country; you should contact your local customs office for further information.

When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Shipping & Delivery Time Estimate

Economy shipping offers customers a lower cost option. Shipping g to remote destinations may require more time.

(1) Airmail and Register Airmail: 7-20 business days.

(2) Priority Direct Mail: 7-12 business days.

(3) EMS: 5-10 business days to worldwide.

(4) Expedited Shipping (Business Express): 5-8 business days to worldwide.