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How to be an Energetic Man

                                                                                                               How to be an Energetic Man


Metro, work, the internet, go to sleep. Today, the pace of life is almost impossible, no time to do sports, gardening, small, his wife, his friends, his job, the new place... Down before it had even begun, it is sitting in front of the tv, and you do nothing. The energy is drained. I may be a little far away, but the feeling is to tell you something, all right?



"It is a bold choice.

How to read?

Good question. What is this, then? Energy is what makes people attractive. This is what creates the nerve, which is pushing the limits. We can see around us, these people are looking for their company, and others. Yes, e = mc2, and much more!


According to the book "You can always get what you want" By stefan, a sociologist and coach, shyness is a disease of the energy that is not ", the concept of energy and its importance in social relations has been developed with great relevance, and i suggest you read more.


Develop good habits

I'm not going to talk about red, coffee or something. Moreover, all the alternatives are worse. Your energy is variable and dependent on the products.

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. "Jim ryun


It's happened to all of us, and i hope to you, get up at the crack of dawn and the right foot ready to start the day knowing in advance what we would today. This condition can be found in everyday life.


In general:

Sleep: "For a long time, i had a good time." This is not a secret, your sleep plays an important role.

Fast food: Sugar should be avoided, your energy will be unstable. You will have moments of weakness.

Work your optimism

Good morning routine.

The alarm clock is a critical point for the rest of your day.

Listening to his body, stretch.

Let the sun's move into her room. Let the sunshine in.


Appreciation: To find a good (or not) to have a smile. Be thankful for what you have, for the people who love you, think of it is helpful to look on the bright side of life.

Rinse the face. My grandmother told me that it was to get rid of the devil. Well, i don't know what it is, but he will wake up.

Start of sport shoes, and other oxygénez your body, burn the motor.

Imagine all the good things that we have in mind the day: Make sure you have a life plan, and the cutting work for you to approach every day, a little bit more of your goal.

"We need to know what you want, then you need to have the courage to say this, then we have the energy to do so." Georges clemenceau.


Tip: Small council which seems to be counterintuitive. When you are tired of doing nothing, doing sport, you bike or walk around. It brings up. Success rate: 100%.

Bonus: The power of commitment

Last year, reading a book, the power of the total commitment by jim loehr, agassi, seles, jim courier, dan jansen) and tony schwartz, has opened my mind to the key of the management of energy. The subtitle of the book "Managing energy, not time to regroup and get a remarkable achievement." Documents.


Today, we talk a lot about time management, a little everywhere else. But they say the problem is not here, no time management, and energy management.

Jim loehr and tony schwartz, we're giving them were studied. They found that the manner in which the winner gets the points was the most reliable predictor of future to determine the winner. The best tennis player had a healthy recovery. It's exactly the same points, the rebound of the ball, there is a way. And at the end of 3, 4, 5 sets that are better able to recover from the points made a big difference in the end.


"Do not see life as a marathon, but rather as a series of sprint."


Principle 1: 4 attributes to better define the sources of energy.

The amount of physical energy. Key points: Good food, good sleep, breathing, and is physically and mentally is), and hydration.

Emotional: Quality of energy. Key points: Connected, open, confidence, joy, and empathy.

The concentration of mental energy. Key points: Optimism, concentration, clarity of purpose, be positive.

The power of spiritual energy. Key points: Passion, commitment, integrity, honesty, courage, persistence.


Principle 2.

Energy reduction is because you don't get enough rest or you because you do not use as much energy. If you sit in the sofa to eat your chips, or if you are 3 / 7 / 7 without a break, you will be in the same state.


Principle 3

To build our power, we should push the boundaries, as is the case with the athletes. Max and then manage to push time.


Principle 4

Develop healthy living habits is the key to be more energetic.




What to do:

Finding the balance between the effort and time to rest

Have a good diet

Listen to her body

Have a good life